«Let's Whisper» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Let’s Whisper is the sweet bedroom pop duo project of Colin Clary and Dana Kaplan of the Smittens. They write dreamy soft songs and have recorded a few songs that have appeared on compilations. They live in Burlington, Vermont.

They have released 2 eps, “Make Me Smile” and “Keep a Secret” and an album, “The Shortest Days,” on WeePOP! and are working out songs and schemes for the next batch of recordings on the way!

Their home recordings are what they make when they are “whispering” together.

Let’s Whisper’s most recent UK tour featured the addition of a third member, drummer Brad Searles, and they have been known to play with a revolving lineup of awesome guest bass players and friends when they travel.

website at www.letswhisper.com (which is updated every so often, when they have new news or upcoming shows)