«Liekki» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Finnish singer-songwriter and guitarist, Janne ‘Jansku’ Kuusela founded Liekki in 1999 after his former band, much loved indie group Karkkiautomaatti, disbanded. Drummer Vesa Lehto of Karkkiautomaatti went on to Liekki with Kuusela. Teemu Soininen joined to play the bass. With their debut album ‘Magio’, Liekki became one of the most important newcomers in the Finnish music world in 2001. Band’s lineup went through changes as new drummer Juha Kulmala and keyboardist Okke Komulainen joined the group. In 2003 they released their second album ‘Korppi’. It combined Liekki’s musical basic elements, gentle pop and hypnotic progressive rock, more intensely. Their third album, ‘Rajan Piirsin Taa’ came out in 2005. Liekki’s members today are Janne Kuusela (vocals, guitar), Okke Komulainen (keyboards), Teemu Soininen (bass) and Juha Kulmala (drums).