«Lo Dev Alm» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Daniele Pagliero, born in Turin in 1975, started as an independent musician in his town in 1993. His first music projects were focused on situationist noise improvisation with bands such as Down (voice and effects) and Switch Off (percussions), on industrial electronic experimentations with Whip (electric guitar and programming) and on noise-rock with Amoniaka, a band in which he plaed the electric bass guitar.

Afterwards he studied jazz piano and worked as sound engineer for Larsen and Daniele Brusaschetto with whom he co-operated and realized music projetcs and various productions. Between 1995 and 1998 he played electric bass guitar in his band, Scumcide, following the trend of extreme music (hardcore, grindcore and crust) very popular in the squatter communities of Turin at that time.

During this period he recorded some home-made demotapes of industrial electronic music that came out in 2006 produced by Setoladimaiale Label, with the title of “Tapes to Cd”.

In 1998 he started a solo career as Lo Dev Alm playing only electronic music and in 2000 he released the “Eye/mouth ep” which contains a collection of his first works recorded during those two years.

Besides this solo activity he co-operated with bands playing non-conventional and improvised music and in 1999 took part in the Biennal Festival of Venice with the Setola di Maiale Unit and started the new Gbur project. These are the first works in which he started to use electronics as improvised music.

Always playing improvised electronic music, in 2001 he set up the duet Ipersensity with Stefano Giust and they took part togheter in the Biennal of Young Artists in Pordenone and Turin.

In the same year he started to co-operate with Frammenti, a well-known hardcore 90’s band from Turin, going through a sound evolution between post-rock and electronic lo-fi.

In 2004 he supported Larsen in the “Cartonianimalettimatti” project playing again the electric bass guitar and recording the soundtrack of Windsor McCay’s Cartoon that has been performed in many art and film festivals.

In November 2006 he created the netlabel Chew-Z with Fabio Battistetti with the aim of giving more attention to non conventional artists, who are focused on sound research and experimentation.

Daniele Pagliero lives in Turin where since 2001 he has been working as a software designer and multimedia application developer.