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Loco Dice (born Yassine Ben Achour in 1974) is a German DJ and electronic music producer born and based in Düsseldorf. His family is from Tunisia, Loco Dice started his career as Hip-Hop DJ and rapper, playing support slots to performers like Usher, Ice Cube, Jamiroquai, Snoop Dogg and R. Kelly. He has released records on labels such as Ovum, M-nus, Cadenza, Cocoon and Four Twenty. He also compiled and mixed "Time Warp 07", a double CD featuring various minimal tracks. Loco Dice also collaborated with the cosmetics brand uslu airlines with whom he co-created a nail polish coming with a special music mix.



  • Minimal Explosion (2005)
  • Time Warp 07 (2007)
  • 7 Dunham Place (4x12") Desolat (DMD Discomania), 2009

Note: Minimal Explosion is a DJ mix CD by Loco Dice, given free in a 2005 Mixmag issue. Dice is credited as 'Loco Dice DC10'. Time Warp 07 is also a DJ mix CD.

Singles / EPs

  • Toxic EP [Desolat], 2012
  • Harissa (2x12") Cadenza Recordings, 2006
  • Flight LB 7475 / El Gallo Negro (12") Ovum Recordings, 2006
  • Carthago (12") Cocoon Recordings, 2006
  • Seeing Through Shadows (12") Minus, 2006
  • City Lights (12") Superstar Recordings, 2004
  • The Raz (12") JohnnyGlow Recordings, 2004
  • The Bouncer (12") JohnnyGlow Recordings, 2004
  • Jacuzzi Games, 2005 (Lead single from Minimal Explosion)


  • Onur Ozer "Eclipse" (Loco Dice Remix) Vakant, 2008
  • Timo Maas "Help Me" (Loco Dice Remix) Perfecto Records, 2002
  • Mousse T. "Toscana" (Loco Dice Mix)
  • Tripmastaz "Roll Dat" (Loco Dice Mix) Magnetic, 2011


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