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1977, Siracusa, Sicily:

So much time spent listening to the music on the radio and from the records - you know the real ones; the vinyl inside the shiny wrapping cover - that somehow, against the odds, they were able to get; it was a labour of love, it was the beginning of a dream.

With an old clarissa guitar and very little experience, Salvo Rizzuto and Sante Barbagallo started to explore the vast and mystical world of song writing. After several attempts they came up with some chords and a melody that was much sweeter to their ears than anything else they had tried up to that point, it was “I REMEMBER A DREAM”.

The following year Salvo left Italy to go to London, where after the first few difficult years, he began his long held ambition, a singing career. He worked with many musicians including Trevor Horn, d-Influence, Stephen Duffy and since 1998 has published 5 albums (Freedom Or Not / Sunshaker) and numerous singles.

Sante stayed in Siracusa, where he remained involved in the local music scene, opened a record shop (Floppy Disk) and organized concerts and Blues festivals.

30 years later and a little more mature both musically and personally, Salvo and Sante have reconnected to complete the path started all those years ago.

Carlo Barbagallo, a member of Suzanne’Silver and Albanopower, as well as a d-i-y solo artist, is in charge of the production. He has been able to input a great deal of his creativity, transforming each song from its acoustic origin into a fully finished product and so becoming the third author.

Finally after two long years the album is ready and it is released by Boom Devil Records.

“I REMEMBER A DREAM” is the title track and although written 33 years ago, it fully represents the link between past and present and more romantically the fulfillment of a dream.

The project is called Loners, the name inspired by the Neil Young song “The Loner”.

The album “I Remember a Dream” was recorded at Vertigo Recordings Studio (Siracusa) by Toti Valente (Albanopower).