«Lucid Sound» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Lucid Sound is Andras ‘benKa’ Benkoczi, born in 1981 Hungary. Began his music career in 1994-95 when he started to learn to play the gitar. In ’95 he was charmed by the music of Purple Motion and Skaven from Future Crew the winner of many assembly demo contest that time. So Andras started to produce music with trackers. After a few years of inactivity in 2001 he experienced goa tracne music, what changed not only his music orientation but his life also. Therefore from 2001 he began to compose goa/psy trance music. His debutation infront of audience came in 2004 at Liquid Exchange festival (Hungary). Since that party LucidSounD was invited to many parties and festivals in Hungary just as in the surrounding countries.

He played with such big artists like: Astrix, Talamasca, Star-X, etc.

Benka started his second project called: Ekologic in 2008, which is a mix of chill/ambient/psy tunes. The idea came when he played a chill set on O.Z.O.R.A. festival this summer (2008).

For more information check: www.myspace.com/lucidsoundpsy.