«Ludov» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Ludov is a Brazilian indie pop/rock band. The current line-up consists of Vanessa Krongold (lead vocals), Habacuque Lima (guitar/vocals), Mauro Motoki (guitar/keyboards/vocals), and Paulo Chapolin (drums). Edu Filomeno was the bass player, but he left the group to study abroad. Bass duties are now divided by Habacuque, Mauro and producer Fabio Pinc. Known in the alternative scenario of São Paulo, Ludov made its breakthrough in 2004, when the video of “Princesa”, from their EP “Dois a Rodar” became popular in MTV Brasil, going to “Disk MTV” (Brazilian’s TRL). This video was awarded as best independent video the same year at Video Music Brasil, the Brazilian version of MTV VMA. Ludov’s first outing, “Dois a Rodar” EP, featured elements from bolero (“Da Primeira Vez”, the title track), rock ballads (“Aconteceu”), pop guitar rock (“Trânsito”), beatlesque pop (“Princesa”, including borrowed chords and harmonies from Vanessa and Mauro) and waltz-timed lounge music (“Melancolia”). They released their first album into a Major Label, “O Exercício das Pequenas Coisas” in September 2005. This album had a lot more keyboards and leans toward a poppier sound. Besides pop and rock (“Sério”, “Estrelas”), there are more ballads (“É Só Saudade”, “Dorme Em Paz” and “Kriptonita”), some MPB (“Esquece e Vai Sorrir”) and jovem guarda (“O Dia em Que Seremos Felizes”). Mauro and Habacuque sing lead one song each (piano pop “Sete Anos” and guitar pop “Elastano”, respectively). After cutting four videos (“Kriptonita”, “Estrelas”, “Dorme Em Paz” and “Esquece e Vai Sorrir”), Ludov recorded a Portuguese version to the song “What I’ve Been Looking For” from High School Musical (and a accompanying video aired at Brazilian Disney Channel) and released a single (“Sintonia”). Their second album, “Disco Paralelo”, was released in June 2007. The band changed slightly their musical style, relying significantly less on keyboards and more on guitars, resulting in a livelier beat.