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Madonna (Italian: My Lady) most commonly refers to:

  • Madonna, an appellation of Mary (mother of Jesus), a religious figure in Christianity and Islam
    • Madonna (art), pictorial or sculptured representations of Mary, Mother of Jesus
  • Madonna (entertainer) (born 1958), American singer-songwriter and producer

Madonna may also refer to:

  • Madonna (book), a 2001 biography of the entertainer by Andrew Morton
  • Madonna (1999 film) (Bogorodica), a 1999 Croatian film
  • Madonna (studio), a Japanese adult video company based in Tokyo
  • Madonna (Edvard Munch), a painting by the Norwegian expressionist painter Edvard Munch
  • Madonna, Maryland, a populated place in Maryland


  • Madonna (Madonna album), the singer's self-titled first album and related music video collection
  • Madonna (...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead album), a 1999 album
  • "Lady Madonna", a 1968 song by The Beatles
  • Madonna (EP), by South Korean band Secret
    • "Madonna" (Secret song), a 2011 song from the Secret EP
  • "Madonna", 1988 song by Sparks from Interior Design

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