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Mansfield.TYA is a duo of musicians Julia Lanoë (voice, guitar, piano) and Carla Pallone (violin, piano, harmonium, voice) from Nantes, France. They met in 2002. The name ” Mansfield” comes from June Mansfield wife of the writer Henry Miller and friend of Anaïs Nin (from where also the name of their first album ” June”).

The duo was seen and noticed for its intimate, beautifully tensed music at the openings of such artists as Cat Power, PJ Harvey, Erik Truffaz, Camille, Elysian Fields, CocoRosie and others. Their album June (2005) is a magnificent combination of dark and sombre yet beautiful ballads with folk elements enveloped in a romantic and melancholic atmosphere.

They have released their 2nd album called ‘Seules au bout de 23 secondes” (March 2009).Highly prestigious people participated in this record:

Antoine Bellanger (Belone Quartet), C……acapulco, and it was masterised by Harry Newman (Elysian Fields…), another piece of evidence that it’s really good.