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Marcela is a female given name or surname, usually belonging to people of Spanish origin (cf. Italian Marcella, with two l's), and can refer to numerous individuals and places:


  • Santa Marcela, Apayao, a municipality in the Philippines

As a (female) given name

In literature

  • Marcela Delpastre, French-Occitan author
  • Marcela Paz, Chilean novelist
  • Marcela Serrano, another Chilean novelist

In music

  • Marcela Bovio, Mexican musician
  • Marcela Morelo, Argentine singer-songwriter

In politics

  • Marcela Guerra Castillo, Mexican politician
  • Marcela Lombardo Otero, Mexican politician
  • Marcela Rodríguez (politician), Argentine politician, a deputy


  • Marcela is the ring name of professional wrestler María Elena Santamaría Gómez
  • Marcela Acuña, Argentine boxer
  • Marcela Agoncillo, Filipina seamstress of the first Philippine flag
  • Marcela Carena, Argentine-born U.S. physicist
  • Marcela Contreras, Chilean-British blood expert and educator
  • Marcela Cuesta, Costa Rican swimmer
  • Marcela Gallego, Colombian actress
  • Marcela Hope Yellowbear, U.S. murder victim
  • Marcela Hussey, Argentine field hockey player
  • Marcela Kubalčíková, Czech swimmer
  • Marcela Mariño, better known as Marcela Agoncillo
  • Marcela Richezza, Argentine field hockey player
  • Marcela Valladolid, celebrity chef
  • Marcela P. Vizcaychipi, Intensive Care Consultant at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, London, UK

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  • Marcella (disambiguation), the Italian equivalent
  • Marcel (given name)