«Martinez Gonzalez» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Martinez Gonzalez is a name to remember when it comes to the sleek groove and friendly compositions from a range of genres, which focuses on the influence of Acid Jazz. His drum & bass expression mastering the best scenario of creativity, is easy to listen to and entertaining to dance troopers on both a leisure and professional aspect.

Born in the eastern European country, Latvia, Martinez started his first musical project in 1996 as a singer/pianist with a band called ‘Lolita’s Wonderbird’ and from there continuing with other various Latvian bands like ‘Spinners’, T-Plox, ‘Sirke’ and Kuba just to name a few. Martinez then embarked on his songwriting tuition in 1999 inspired by DJ Gosh, which lead to him being discovered and invited to perform for the organizers of a local festival, called ‘Waterpieces’ later that year.

Martinez Gonzales went full speed ahead with productions and remixes that was featured on various local compilations starting with the remix of band Sirke ‘He Probably Hoped To Get Remixed’ in 2001, ‘Legal Fiction’ (2002) also, ‘Starteris II’ (2002) and ‘[email protected]*.lv’, in 2004. Martinez then went on to produce an EP called ‘Nice That We Have Met’, that was released on the prolific Latvian label, ‘Dirty Deal’ in 2006. His album ‘Dakstins’(‘Tile’) was then released in 2007 on Moscow based, independent label ‘Lagunamuch Community’.

Martinez Gonzales can be described as one of the crown jewels of the Latvian Electronic music scene. His unique personality and talent has never left anyone indifferent and his music is described as a ‘driving electronic blues’ sound and is affectionately a part of many hard drives around the world. Another ambitious target of Martinez Gonzalez is to compile his archive, which would be available to the public, something to look forward to. For now you can catch the vibe following these links: