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Formed moreso out of convenience than desire, McGuinn, Clark & Hillman was the result of three Byrds looking to salvage their careers. With each in between bands and McGuinn not in a creative frame of mind, Roger McGuinn, Gene Clark and Chris Hillman gave into the requests (and paychecks) for a Byrds reunion.

The result was a self-titled debut album often criticized for its disco-flavored tracks. With the album quickly stalling on the charts, the trio took to the road. While conducting themselves as professionals onstage, the good feelings quickly ended backstage, with Hillman even throwing McGuinn into a urinal.

The trio soon became a duo after Gene Clark’s departure during the making of the second album, billed as Roger McGuinn, Chris Hillman Featuring Gene Clark”. McGuinn and Hillman would continue for another album before calling it quits altogether, ending the last attempt at a proper reformation of the Byrds.