«Meho Plaza» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Meho Plaza is an indie rock band from L.A., California, USA Formed in late 2003, Meho Plaza began with the intention playing the occasional show and perhaps releasing an EP or two. In 2006, Pitchforkmedia.com included Meho Plaza song “The Beach” in its infinite mixtape series (#005) as “one of the very best of our favorite new tracks”. The band has two self-released EPs, and completed a full length record at The Hobby Shop in Highland Park, CA. The self-titled full-length was released on Better Looking Records on May 8, 2008. Four tracks from the Meho Plaza full-length were remixed by French experimental/electro group Nopse and are compiled on a 5 song EP released on cassette by Ick Ick Records and digitally by Better Looking Records in March 2009. “Made of Gold” 7 inch EP available on How to Fight Records as of November 2009.

Band members include:
Jennifer Hwang - Keyboards
Mike Thrasher - Singer / Guitarist
James Connelly - Drums

Their official website is www.mehoplaza.com/.