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At least ten bands have gone by the name of Memento Mori: 1) Memento Mori was a Swedish doom metal band with power metal influences. The band was founded by Messiah Marcolin and Mike Wead in 1992 after Messiah left Candlemass. The sound can be described as a mixture between Messiah’s former band and Wead’s other band Hexenhaus. After two albums Messiah however called it quits and the third album was sung by a different singer. For the fourth album, Messiah returned. After that album, the band broke up. All albums have been released by Black Mark. (from their wikipedia entry) 2) Memento Mori was a band from Livingston, New Jersey, that can roughly be described as experimental indie rock. The group released one album, entitled “Is One Worth The Other?”, in 2004, and broke up shortly after. The drummer, Christopher Han, went on to form Agents and Reactants. The other four members now play in The Amateur Photography. 3) Memento Mori was an experimental industrial band from Socorro, New Mexico. They released three albums from 1989-1992 on Aural Mural Records. 4)Ex-members of Cobra Kai, Sutek Conspiracy and Scrotum Grinder. Metal tinged hardcore with the most scathing female vocals on the planet. Brutal. This CD has the songs from the 12”, split 7” with Kylesa and four unreleased songs. Includes 12 page lyric/photo booklet. 5)Another Swedish band (from Eskilstuna) with singer Tom Holmlund and on guitar George Németh. Started 1979 and ended 1990. Link http://user.tninet.se/~lob316g/band/memento.html (Only information in Swedish) 6)Czech alternative/rock band from Kromeriz started at 2006. Band:Aja-drums,Dusan-bass quitar,Honza-electric guitar,Katka-singer,Zaneta-singer,Pospa-keyboardhttp://www.memento-mori.xf.cz/ 7) Dark ritual Industrial project by Gumther Iscariot http://soundcloud.com/memento-mori/tracks?page=1 8) Slovenian rock band from Lenart, formed in 2004. They’ve released one album named ‘’In The Land Of Toys’’ in 2010. Members: Peter Šenekar (vocals), Denis Čuček (guitar, back vocals), Andrej Urek (drums), Primož Kramberger (keyboard), Žiga Kreševič (bass)http://www.mementomori.si/ 9) Memento Mori was an German hardcore punk band. For more info see http://www.killfromtheheart.com/bands.php?id=5323 10) Underground hip-hop group from Havlíčkův Brod, Czech republic.http://mmhb.ic.cz/ 11) Italian hardcore punk band from Torino, with ex Confusione members. 12) Japanese Visual Kei Band メメント・モリ (memento mori)