«Miloopa» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

The name of the band is a reminder of Poland’s favourite baby food (at least in sound, not in spelling) which kept previous generations healthy. The band’s idea is also to feed, but by by serving a quite different speciality.

Miloopa was founded in 2001 in Wroclaw. From the very beginning, the band was into jazz – club music scene, mixing various genres. Initially, the band played mellow tunes based on d’n’b grooves and breaks. Influenced by electronic and synthetic textures of dj culture, Miloopa kept the shape of a totally live band and developed its sound towards a unique live and electronic mix. Whether it’s d’n’b, jungle, or a downtempo feel with a pinch of nu-jazz flavour, Natalie’s lines are always soulful. Miloopa doesn’t put a limit on the creativity – what can be heard on the debut album Nutrition Facts (Gig Ant – www.gig-ant.pl). The LP is preluded by Cosmic Step release with guest vocals by MC Blu Rum 13, known for his collaboration with Dj Vadim, Kid Koala, Luke Vibert and many others.

Miloopa’s real force is live performance. The highly energetic set is accompanied by live-mixed visuals and a real time audio mix. They have played many festivals, performing on one stage with Bahamadia, Dj’s Vadim Russian Percussion Group, Blu Rum 13, US3, Dj First Rate & Thomas Kelly, They have also toured with Swiss drummer JoJo Mayer & Nerve (NYC), Beanfield (Compost), Micatone and Forss vs Borg (Sonar Kollektiv).