«Mindfly» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

It all started back in 1992…

I had just started at business school, and soon started to hang out with some cool tracker-musicians - and skipped classes to make music with them instead.

The music was made with ProTracker on an Amiga500. 3 years later I bought a PC and made the switch to FastTracker. At that time I had joined a Belgian PC demo-group, and through their label I got my music spread mainly in Belgium.

As techno spawned a lot of sub-genres in the mid-90’s I moved on as well and fell in love with trance-music. I joined an international PC-demo-group, and released a couple of songs through their label; mainly inspired by Robert Miles, Fluke, Leftfield and a German tracker-musician called Keith303.

From 1997 to 1999 I took a short break from composing, which lead to only a few releases for the new group. A friend and I formed an electro-band, or as we ourselves liked to call it: ‘Dark melodic synth pop-band’, in which I was in charge of the lyrics.

In that period, we recorded two demos, which were greatly appreciated by the dedicated but rather small amount of fans we had.

I left the band in the summer of 1999, as I felt I didn’t have the opportunity or even the time, to express myself through music.

After my departure from the electro-genre, in the summer of ‘99, I have had a lot of time to start experimenting again. First off was a minimal trip-hop project, and I was even preparing a demo for this project, when Mindfly was born.

The Mindfly project started in October 1999. It occurred unexpectedly, as I was playing back and forth with the Idea of a goa-track with breakbeats. The idea wasn’t a success, but the positive feedback that followed with my first goa song ‘Driven To Extremes’, got me excited and I decided to continue the project.

The second track from Mindfly was praised by Cujo of The Cujorius One and soon ‘God’s Own Glow’, the third Mind-fly track, followed.

The track became my breakthrough and was being traded by different DJ’s on DAT and played a lot at the only real psytrance club in Denmark, The Tube, before it was picked up by Chris Organic. He was compiling one of the CD’s for the compilation ‘Psychedelic Flashbacks 6 (Rumour Records)’ in 2001 and chose the track for it. Afterwards, Organic also released it on his own label on the compilation ‘Free Your Funky Chickens’. Mindfly was reality and I spent all my time on producing music for this project - neglecting producing any other kind of music. That has changed though…

The Northern Light Studio is the place where it all happens. It’s my private think tank, and the place where all my mu-sical ideas come to life.

For the time being, I’ve gone completely ‘soft’ in Northern Light Studio. My old kitlist included a Roland JP-8000 synth, EMU Audity 2000 sound module, Mackie 1202, compressors and exciters. But I’ve discovered that software is all I really need - so it’s ‘almost’ like being back in the old days with a tracker… just a bit more complicated.

Feel free to send me an email - feedback; good or bad - it’s always appreciated.

Cheers, Lars