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Mirabilis is a Latin adjective meaning "amazing, wondrous, remarkable", and is used to refer to:

  • Mirabilis (album), the fifth album (2005) by British vocal group Mediaeval Baebes
  • Mirabilis (band), an ethereal/neo-classical band
  • Mirabilis (company), an internet company, owned by Digital Sky Technologies, that produced ICQ
  • Mirabilis (plant), a genus of herbaceous perennial plants
  • Mirabilis, a novel by Susann Cokal
  • Annus mirabilis, a Latin phrase meaning "wonderful year" or "year of wonders" (or "year of miracles")
  • Anorexia mirabilis, religious fasting to the point of starvation, particularly of women and girls of the Middle Ages
Latin binomial abbreviations for species
  • A. mirabilis (disambiguation)
  • P. mirabilis (disambiguation)
  • W. mirabilis


  • Tuba Mirabilis (organ stop), a particularly powerful reed stop on high pressure wind.