«Moon Prototype» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

MP (Moon Prototype) saw the night in 1998 - monocellular on its birth, bicephalous with the arrival of oR.hal.

Electronic sonorities, erudite mixture of mystery, sensuality and assumed bitterness, MP tastes the eyes with closed half. The ascent takes place in the universe of its creator/genitor, MOON, with the soft-bitter voice. It is in this abandonment that oR.hal offered its feather to the Prototype, to write this child with the two initial ones.

The influences are very diverse, of Tricky with Nine Inch Nails while passing by Luke Slater and Depeche Mode

In 2006, MP begin his new album… With new musician, R-the3rd is on the piano and Thot on guitar… so, stay with us !!!

More infos : www.moonprototype.com