«Morgana's Kiss» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

The band started in Rome in 1995 when Franz Eissenberger (bass) leaves his cover bands to play his own music. To do this in 1996 he recruits Claudia Mc Dowell as singer.

The live debut is in April 1996 as opening act of Virtual Dream, a prog fusion band.

The first demo is released in 1997 and collects many good reviews on metal and rock magazines.

In July the band wins the Critic Award at a relevant rock contest near Rome and in December they are the opening act for their Finnish friends 69 Eyes. In 1998 Morgana’s Kiss take the chance to sign for the independent label Elevate Records.

Their first official record, “Rain shall fall”, eleven songs of powerful gothic metal, is released worldwide in March 1999 and collects very good reviews on the main European metal magazines.

In 2001 they are the opening act of Lacuna Coil gig in Rome in front of a huge, enthusiastic audience.

In the same year they release their second official record, “The Endless Cry”, exploring a softer sound with electronic patterns.

In 2003 the band is recording a promo at the Outer Studios (Novembre recording studios) and is the opening act for Faith & The Muse.

From the very beginning to 2005 many great musicians join Morgana’s Kiss: Andrea Striano, Stefano D’Orazi (The Prowlers), Gerardo D’Orrio, Marco Visconti (XP8), Fabrizio Lagani and Matteo Jacopino on guitars, Alessio Ansovini, Emanuele Parlati, Alessio Fagrelli and Valerio Silvestri (Monoma) on keyboards, Stefano Biondi and David De Rossi on drums and Arianna Usai as back vocalist.

In 2006 the band becomes a classic four-piece with funders Franz Eissenberger (bass) and Claudia McDowell (vocals), longtime drummer Alessandro Bassotti and Alessio Fagrelli (keyboards).

With this line-up Morgana’s Kiss completely abandon the gothic metal cliché and choose to play a more immediate, sanguine, direct and vigorous music.

From June 2007 B.B. Gazzi became the new guitarist of the band and since 26th november 2007 Giulia De Santis is the new singer.