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Mugu Guymen are a noise-rock duo from Atlanta / ‘Nigeria’, they are named after Nigerian internet scammers who collect email addresses from website guestbooks.

Using contact-miked drums and drum-triggered sounds run through effects supplemented by guitar and hollered vocals, Mugu Guymen create a psychedelic, high-energy, chaotic punk soundscape, with drums either pounding out loud rock beats or building up to that point, layered with largely harsh, swirling, analog noises, with laser sounds well-represented. In technique, they are similar to Mindflayer, but they manage to create a much more varied sound. And since it’s improvised using literally experimental techniques, you get moments that are just as much a surprise to the band as to the listener, but which still sound perfect.

Mugu Guymen have toured with or opened for: Child Pornography, Rahdunes, A Pink Cloud, Indian Jewelry, La Otracina, Google Earth, Arthur Doyle, magicicada, Pony Bones, Dave Matthews Band, Kawabata Makoto, Divided Like a Saints, Social Junk, Temple of Bon Matin, Jarboe, Newton, The Beastie Boys, CJ Boyd, The Darkness, The USA Is a Monster, Lakes, Always, Cash Slave Clique, NO-fi, Watersports, It’s A Trap, Yellow Crystal Star, Hubcap City (from belgium), Suffering bastard, Laundry Room Squelchers, Black Meat, The Flaming Lips, Whiskey Priest, Carbon Leaf, Garbage Island, and more.

Their official webpage can be found at: http://www.myspace.com/muguguymen

Mugu Guymen can be heard on Radio Shock’s Nocore Podcast.