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Myrkgrav is a Norwegian blackened folk metal band. It is a one-man band, with the single member being Lars Jensen. Jensen founded the band in 2003 and released a demo in 2004 entitled Fra fjellheimen laller... (English: From Mountain Home's Calling). His debut album, Trollskau, skrømt og kølabrenning (Trollish Woods, Wraiths and Coalburning), was released 27 October 2006. The lyrics are about local history, legends and folklore from Ringerike, Lommedalen, and Hole, from around the 17th century to the end of the 19th century. The songs are sung in a local dialect of Norwegian.


  • Lars Jensen – vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, drums, flute, hardanger fiddle

Session musicians

  • Stine Ross Idsø – hardanger fiddle (2008–present)
  • Olav Mjelva – hardanger fiddle (2008–present)

Guest musicians

  • Aleksandra Rajković – keyboards
  • Erlend Antonsen – bass
  • Espen Hammer – bass guitarist on Trollskau, skrømt og kølabrenning
  • Benita Eriksdatter – vocals on "Gygra og St. Olav"
  • Sindre Nedland – clean vocals on Trollskau, skrømt og kølabrenning


  • Fra fjellheimen kaller... (demo) – 2004
  • Trollskau, skrømt og kølabrenning – 2006
  • Sjuguttmyra/Ferden går videre (split release with Voluspaa) – 2011
  • Sjuguttmyra (EP) – 2013


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