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In late 2007 as a result of continuos jamming sessions of long time friends and musicians

M Myston (guitar, vocals) and Jay Myston (drums) started to form the essence of the dark, enigmatic sounding duo MYSTONS. The key element, the almost telephatic chemistry of players, was there right from the start. With Jay beating the drums hard with his self made flower stalk drumsticks and drummer backrounded M hitting the same rhytms with his low-tuned overdriven guitar the songs naturally found their altering ways to be topped with the highly unique sounding vocals.

Oppositing the dull, lack of danger, “I’m-a-good-husband-for-your-daughter” -imaged music scene the band started to tour Finland provoking people with priests robes, fire bombs and fire spitting. The legendary Mystons bible, “Black Book”, gave title to the groups debut album (2008) to be followed by “Tearstained” single (2009) and “Alkaem” album (Nov 4, 2010) which gained radioplay and worldwide recognition. Now 40 shows later a third album is on the way and it finally might give an answer to the commonly heard question: “How can two people sound this massive?”

Mystons Alkaem

88/ 100 | Infernal Masquerade Webzine |

“Mystons seems to be ready to take over the world and fans of Metal, Indie Rock, Alternative Metal, Grunge and everything in between.”

8,5/ 10, but close to a 9 really | Doommantia | “…good songs, strong lyrics and a very good production sound. What more could you need on your second album?”


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