«Myth» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

There are several artists with the name Myth:

1) American progressive/metal band formed in the early 80’s featuring Geoff Tate (later of Queensrÿche fame), Kelly Gray, Jimmy Parsons, Richard Gibson and Randy Gane. They recorded an unreleased album called Arabia with Brent Young on vocals. Some Myth songs got re-worked and appeared on early Queensrÿche releases (EP, The Warning and Rage for Order)

2) Alias of Dutch DJ and Trance Producer Menno de Jong, who released “Millionfold” under this name in 2004, with another track, “Sjamaan” to be released in early 2007.

3)The band formed during January 2008 under the name “Demona’s Cry” but the story starts in mid August 2008 when the band reformed and went under the new name “MYTH”. Zeljko Popovic (bass) and Stefan Papic (lead guitar) (the original members of the band) were joined by Boris Dzinic (vocals) and Branko Maricic( rhythm guitar) and in mid December came Damir Radeljas (drums). By March 2009 the bend recorded 2 songs “Missing Sun” and “Crimson Night”(which was featured on a compilation CD Volume 4 released by Midwest Nailgun Records, USA) and played a first live gig in completely packed Club “Dvoriste” in Novi Sad (Serbia). In the summer of 2009 the band met with their manager Alexandra Debeljacki, played at a summer festival in Beocin (Serbia) and released a self titled 5 song demo album.The Drummer Damir left the band and the new drummer is Mladen Zelen.

4) A Houston rap trio who started releasing music in February of 2011.