«Nasty Disaster» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

From the late seventies throughout the eighties, a form of music was created with the sound and fury of a thousand blood-starved warriors ready to loot, rape and pillage for their cause! That form of music was called HEAVY METAL! For more than a decade, this proud sonic beast stood tall over all its pathetic competitors. Dance, rap and especially glam rock all bowed their heads when faced with the raging power of metal. But somewhere around the beginning of the nineties, The Beast became infected with a deadly disease, TRENDY FALSE METAL! The horrid sounds of grunge, industrial and funk dealt lethal blows to The Beast, while many of its followers betrayed the faith, stabbing metal in the back in order to get a ticket on the latest band wagon. The once proud Metal Beast lay broken, thought dead by those who had betrayed and plotted against it. But behold, there were those who knew the truth, saw the light and stood their ground in the face of overwhelming odds. Those who would nurse The Beast back to health and start it on its road to recovery and re-conquest! Those men are NASTY DISASTER!!!