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New Artica began when singer Denlin Barmann met guitarist/programmer Joe Caravalho while visiting the Eastern New Artican coastline in 1994. Many years later, the two met through bounty hunter, Matt Upton, who would later become the lead guitarist. The reunion inspired the young men to start a band. They hired female vocalist/cellist, Maigan Kennedy as well as bassist/synthesizerer Tyler Zibaie. The band played many shows across the nation, but the crowd was always predominantly male. They figured out that the last piece to the puzzle was teenage heart-throb, Cameron Dailey. All of a sudden, New Artica was loved by women all around the world. His combination of good looks and drumming ability catapulted the band to success. The 6 piece indie pop band named themselves after the great country where it all started.

Influences include Broken Social Scene, The Postal Service, Muse, and Say Hi