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nolongerhuman is the sole project of Clint Robertson.

Starting in 2000, with a project called Varix, which focused on heavy electronics and Noise infused beats, Clint was quickly noticed and included in several compilations.

2004, furthering the nolongerhuman concept, several demo only recordings were released, and the development of what would become nolongerhuman’s signature sound began emerging.

2006 saw the first compilation release, a track titled Transcend Humanity on BLC Records Interbreeding IX: Kuru. It generated a great amount of interest, even without vocals, and again, showed a remarkable growth from earlier work, in addition to catching the interest of several promoters and DJ’s all along the West Coast.

2007, nolongerhuman continued to work on new music, seeing the release of 13 tracks, all creating a growing fan base both locally, nationally, and internationally. The first live shows began to be discussed. In May, the first nolongerhuman show, with two other local bands in Portland took place, to a stunned audience. Immediately after getting off stage he was approached for 4 more shows. Each subsequent show, opening for bands like Haujobb, and Gothminister, and God Module, earned more fans, and more supporters of the music. The demand for a longer live set quickly developed, which led to the first nolongerhuman headline show.

2009 saw the release of the debut album “Antipathy” on COP International Records. Released to nearly universal positive reviews “Antipathy” became a must have. Genre bending harsh electronics with a sense of emotion rarely seen in. Focused, determined, with a message to carry. Touring for “Antipathy” began in late 2009 and continued through 2010, supporting acts like both Nachtmahr and Funker Vogt.

Continuing in 2012, nolongerhuman releases “Depersonalization” on COP international. Focusing on the inhumanity in everyday life. The music is a direct response to every day atrocity, the lyrics are both political, personal, and sociological. Heavy, distorted beats, screamed vocals, and incredibly aggressive keyboards come together with the use of found samples and movie samples as well as real emotion, nolongerhuman is as much a diary as it is an experience. All combining to form one of the most punishing, thought provoking acts available.

We are nolongerhuman, and this is only the beginning…


S/T Demo

Vestigial (limited run)

Antipathy (COP International)

Depersonalization (COP International)

Dichotomy (E.P) (TBR 2013)

Withdrawal (COP International) (TBR 2013)



Die Braut

Infra Black

Virtual Terrorist

Frontal Boundary

Cynical Existence




Freaky Mind

Terror Tek

Guest Vocals: