«Nonexistence» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Combining the desolated gloom and intense majesty of both Doom and Black Metal with a lyrical concept of voidness in many forms, the music of NONEXISTENCE is the soundtrack to darkness, solitude and emptiness in both cosmological scales and personal dimensions. Opulent soundscapes between slow motion and blast beats, a haunting bleakness devoid of compare. Freezing walls of guitars, epic leads, atmospheric layers of keyboards and versatile fierce vocals from ultra low to piercing high create a musical symbiosis of its own: COSMIC DOOM BLACK METAL.

2007 sees the release of the well acclaimed debut album “NIHIL”. Ten songs of solitude and void create the symbiosis of Doom and Black Metal.

In 2011 Finnish mastermind TUOMAS SAUKKONEN (BEFORE THE DAWN, BLACK SUN AEON) can be won as a Producer of the second album “ANTARCTICA” as well as a session musician, performing Drums and Bass.

“ANTARCTICA” is released via Candlelight Records on 25th of March 2013.