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Marvin Eckert, professionally known as Not Profane, is a German music producer, songwriter and singer. He is known for working with the Bosnian female artist Caylana and regularly posting music videos of covers and originals on his Not Profane Channel on YouTube.

In 2011 he wrote the Top 40 single Somebody Who Loves Me for the Dutch artist Jeronimo van Ballegoijen (known as Jeronimo) and produced another song Unheard on his album. His studio and company are based in Karlsruhe, Germany.

His own debut single All In My Head was released on 26 July 2013.


Marvin Eckert grew up in Karlsruhe, Germany and graduated Bachelor of Arts 2009 from Popakademie Mannheim University with a degree in Popmusicdesign - Producer.

He started playing tennis at an early age and always wanted to become a professional tennis player till he fell in love with music at the age of seventeen and started writing/producing own songs. Besides loving playing Tennis, he is a Christian, believing in Jesus/Christ. He often uses and refers to these quotes in statements/posts: If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It! or With God All Things Are Possible!


His music/productions are primarily mainstream pop/urban/dance and influenced by Max Martin and Dr. Luke. All of his productions start or include a specific whistle tone, which he only makes with his mouth sounding like a bird or police whistle.


Collaboration with - Caylana

In 2007 he got a DVD with TV Performances of a young girl from Bosnia-Herzegovina trough a tennis friend. After watching the DVD he immediately flew Caylana to Germany to meet and record some demo tapes. Caylana was soon signed to his label and management company No Parade. Since then, they are working constantly on own original material in the studio.

In 2011, after Caylana moved to Germany, they started posting videos on YouTube. The first video was a cover of Nicole Scherzinger's Don't Hold Your Breath which has 373 thousand views to date and even gained interest by the management of Nicole. They are best known for their cover of Flo Rida & Sia's Wild Ones which has had more than 550.000 views as of July 29, 2012 Together they can count over 4 million views with their YouTube videos.

On 1 June 2012, Not Profane and Caylana released their first original single, Heart Of A Lion written and produced by Not Profane on his record label No Parade. The video was directed, shot and cut almost entirely by himself. The song is lyrically related to sport and goals in life and was released one week before the UEFA Euro 2012 opening ceremony. The video appeared on several TV stations in Bosnia-Herzegovina and was also performed live on German TV.

On 14 December 2012, Caylana released her debut EP-Album, "Something 'Bout Love" including 8 tracks all written and produced by Not Profane. "Sing With Me" and "Who I Am" are the latest singles that were released 2013 with an official music video on Not Profane's YouTube Channel.

Management company and label - No Parade

In 2012 he founded No Parade, a youth oriented production company that grows and develops talent and musical content. The first clients to manage are Caylana and Not Profane himself. No Parade is releasing songs and originals digitally on over 300 online music stores worldwide like iTunes, Musicload, Amazon & Co.

Projects - songwriter/producer

Not Profane had writing sessions with Charlie Mason (Ashley Tisdale, Miley Cyrus),Michelle Leonard, (No Angels, Sarah Connor), and also did productions/remixes for Slim of 112, (#1 R&B Group in Boston on YouTube).

Other credits, co-writes and productions include:

  • Chris Meyer (Jörgen Elofsson | Co-Write)
  • Jan van der Torn (Nsync, Snoop Dogg | Co-Write)
  • Anders Fernette ( Top 10 Sweden | Co-Write)
  • Nanna Martorell (Monrose, Sistanova | Co-Write)
  • Alan Glas (Liberty-X, Earth Wind & Fire, Lighthouse Family | Co-Write)
  • Maryanne Morgan (Mis-Teeq | Co-Write)
  • Battlejuice ft. Atiba (Young Buck/G-Unit | Official Remix Production)
  • Jesus on Extasy (#1 German Media Control Alternate Charts)
  • Manuellsen (Album Production)
  • Scola (Dru Hill | Official Remix Production)
  • Kaye Styles (Album Production)
  • No Angels (Pre-Demo-Production “Life is a miracle”)


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