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Notorious B.A.C.H. was born Johannes Latore Bacchanal in Clinton Bill Hill, Brooklyn, NY and lived there until he died in Los Angeles, CA, when his time was due.

His moniker is an acronym for “Notorious Organizator That Organizes Righteously In Order (to) Undermine Society, But Alas! Cease Hating!”, which is in itself an acronym for:

“No, originality transcends old rationales, it’s our undisputable skill, only racist goons are negating its zeal and threaten our race. This has at times outraged real gentlemen and (not in zest) encouraged several rather intelligent gentlemen henceforth to egregious outings, usually such like: “Yes, I never offered redemption; dumbness ends reason.” (That, or:) “Under normal definition, every reasoning must instill no egalitarian subconsciousness or create internal egality, thus y’all better undo those ailments, lest all suffer!” Concluding, end all suffering, end hate and this is now gone.”