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  • Susumu Ōno, a linguist
  • Takashi Ono (born 1931), a gymnast and Olympic medalist
  • Toshihiro Ono, a manga artist
  • Yoko Ono, a musician, artist, feminist and peace activist who married John Lennon
  • Yuki Ono, a wrestler

Non-Japanese surname

  • Barry Ono, stage name of Frederick Valentine Harrison, British variety theatre performer and collector of penny dreadfuls


Côte d'Ivoire
  • Ono, Côte d'Ivoire
  • Ono Island (Fiji)
  • Ono, Benjamin, Jerusalem
  • Ono San Pietro
  • Ono, Hyōgo
  • Ōno Castle, Fukuoka
  • Ono, Fukushima
  • Ōno, Fukui
  • Ōno District, Fukui
  • Ōno, Gifu
  • Ōno District, Gifu
  • Ōno, Hiroshima
  • Ōno, Hokkaidō
  • Ōno, Ibaraki
  • Ōno, Iwate
  • Ōno, Ōita
  • Ōno District, Ōita
  • Ōno River, in Ōita Prefecture
United States
  • Ono Island (Alabama)
  • Ono, Kentucky
  • Ono, Pennsylvania
  • Ono, Wisconsin

Other uses

  • Ono (weapon), a Japanese axe
  • ONO (Spain), a Spanish cable company
    • ONO Estadi, a football stadium in Mallorca, Spain, named for the cable company
  • Ono, an alternate name for the Wahoo, a fish found in Hawaiian waters
  • The FAA identifier of Ontario Municipal Airport in Ontario, Oregon
  • Ono (P2P), a peer-to-peer file transfer system to find nearby peers
  • USS Ono, the name of a number of United States Navy ships
  • Ono (more precisely O'NO 99) was a 1970s card game similar to Uno

See also

  • Ohno (disambiguation), alternative romanization of Ōno (大野)