«Otra Puse» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Otra Puse (Other Side) is an indie / latvian group that formed in 1992 by Aigars Grāvers (guitar) and Aigars Krēsla (drums) (both from band called Jumprava), Ivars Makstnieks, Normunds Pauniņš (vocals) and Aldis Miolde (bass) in Rīga, Latvia. In 1994 they had a first success with a song Vēstules (Letters). Three years later they released first Pēc Lietus (After the Rain). In 1997 the band vocalist Normunds Pauniņš moved to London and become a DJ. Since 2000 he started to work in Rigas club “Nautilus” and was known as DJ Norsky.

After a 9 year break in 2006 the band consisted of Normunds Pauniņš (vocals), Arnolds Kārklis (guitars), Mārtiņš Burkevics (bass), Ivars Makstnieks (keyboard) and Rihards Zaļupe (drums). In 2006 in radio stations appeared they new song Ieskaties ( To look closely). This song has a great success. In spring they released other single Jūtu ceļotājs (Emotion traveller).