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Ovidiu Lipan Tandarica is the drummer of the romanian folk band Phoenix.

Ovidiu Lipan Tandarica was born at Iasi in january 1953. In 1969 he joined the folk band “Rosu si negru”. Then in 1974 he started his collaboration with the band Phoenix, of wich he is still a member. He left Romania in 1977, along with his band mates, establishing himself in Germany. After 1990 he returns and develops his own projects in parallel with the band activity. He is also an appreciated composer.


Visul Toboşarului (1999) (collaboration with the “zece prajini” marching band

Renaşterea (2001)

Aniversare (2003)

Bachiţa (2004) (collaboration with aromanian singer Stelu Enache)

Getica (2004)

Visul Tobosarului , re-editare (2005)

La Passion (2006)