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Bio: (Taken from band’s Facebook, modified to fit third-person guidelines)

Oxcross decided to write Oxcross’s own bio, rather than have some crafty wordsmith convince you Oxcross is the next big thing in 124 words or less.

Oxcross is from Salt Lake City, UT. Oxcross likes loud amps and big riffs. Oxcross is a group of friends and Oxcross like playing music together. This isn’t Batman, there’s no origin story; well, maybe there is. Taylor Williams (vox, guitar) moved back to SLC, from Denver, where he had been fronting the band Black Sleep of Kali. He wanted to start another thing in SLC, so he called up Andy Patterson, who also drums for the mighty SubRosa and Iota. Then he called Dave Jones who plays bass in Dwellers, and Old Timer, and Jeff Anderson who plays guitar in Top Dead Celebrity with Andy as well. Utah bands are similar to Utah marriages, you can’t have just one.

Oxcross just finished a record, and gosh darn it, Oxcross is proud of it. You should listen to Oxcross’s record, or come see Oxcross live. Oxcross like playing shows. And then you can buy a shirt, and stick a sticker on your back window and the circle of life will be complete.