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It all started out in 1989 when P.W. Long joined Wig as their singer. That lasted for a couple of years before P.W. formed Mule with Kevin Munro and Jim Kimball, and subsequently released their 1992 eponymous debut Mule on Quarterstick Records. They have been described as a

“three-man wrecking ball” which released the Wrung EP and the If I Don’t Six LP in 1994 before P.W. headed off to pursue solo work.

It wasn’t long before he found himself in the company of drummer Mac McNeilly (ex-Jesus Lizard) and bassist Dan Maister. Together they formed Reelfoot or P.W. Long’s Reelfoot. Their sets consisted of P.W. performing by himself and with Reelfoot. They released the explosive We Didn’t See You On Sunday in 1997, and a much quieter Push Me Again in 1998 (joined by Mark Boyce on keyboard), both on Touch & Go.

Reelfoot disbanded sometime between their last release and P.W. Long performed at the UK “festival” All Tomorrow’s Parties in 2001. Encouraged by his reception there, P.W. decided to record his album Remembered, released in 2003.

P.W.’s latest release God Bless The Drunkard’s Dog was released in 2007 on Southern Record’s “Black Diamond” vinyl-only imprint and P.W. is set for a February-March 2007 tour with his new band Young James Long.

Due to popular demand, Southern will issue “God Bless” on CD in February 2008.