«Painful Memories» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

a doom/death band from Russia. They released the demo “Memorial to Suffering” in 1996 which was re-released by Solitude productions as a full length in 2006, and an untitled demo in 1997.

The band was formed in St.Petersburg in 1994. Their first show was held in Wild Side club in summer in 1995. In January, 1996, at Awesome studio the debut album Memorial To Suffering was recorded and it was published by musicians on cassettes. The band played regularly in clubs in St.Petersburg and in Vyborg.

In 1997 the line-up changed strongly: Demyan Gorodnichiy (bass), Aleksey Dvoretskiy (viola), Ilya “Alan” Piyaev (drums) became new members of the band. With this line-up the band prepared its new material, which was alse performed by them at the show with Children Of Bodom. After this concert the band said ‘goodbye’ to its singer Diamond. At the next three shows the vocal parts were performed by Konstantin Rumyantsev (now he’s the frontman of a folk-band “Troll Gnet El’”) and after that the band became an instrumental one. On the last step of the band’s career a guitar-player Denis Devichenskiy from Azeroth became its member. And right after its last show in 1998 in Pskov Painful Memories’ line-up became part of Azeroth.

Nowadays Aleksey Dvoretskiy and Konstantin Drabkin both play in Vergeltung band.