«Parfumeria» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Parfumeria is Georgian Alternative/Indie/Experimental/Psychedelic band from Tbilisi.


Grinch - Tazo Liparteliani

Zombie - Zura Jishkariani

Farchil - Achiko Kelbakiani

iraklA - Irakli Maghradze

Roo - Gigo Sulaqvelidze

Band was formed in 2005 by vocalist and songwriter (Grinch). Since other members have joined to the band, Parfumeria have performed several concerts in Tbilisi.

Now Parfumeria is writing an album called “Pink Room”, with help of Roo (“Dream Laboratory”), Zomb! (“Eva”), Farchil (“Vietnam Radio”), iraklA (percussion)

Album is recording at PILIGRIM REC and it’s release expected in September of 2007…

Album music will be built with Live Improvised Performances…

Despite of this band, Grinch plays in experimental band “KUNG FU JUNKIE” (with Farchila, Zomb!, Cutkill and etc…).

The lyrics of the band are only in Georgian language.

Songs of the band are available for listening here: