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Peter Krengel was born in Burnley, Lancashire in 1952.

Music first impinged itself on him with the advent of The Beatles. Thereafter he spent most of his Saturday afternoons at The Locarno Ballroom where all the ’60s bands of legend performed at least once . He started making his first songs about this time.

In 1967 Peter moved to Harlow in Essex where he was quickly introduced to a chap called Dave Baldwin who was an exceptional songwriter and encouraged Peter perform in public. This involved learning how to play the guitar, the instrument being somewhat more portable than the piano!

He rapidly became established as a local celebrity, performing his first paid gig at Ware College in Hertfordshire in the summer of 1968. Convinced that being a professional singer was a career path worth pursuing, Peter left school at the age of 15. Soon after, he met a band called ‘The Strange Orchestra’ who encouraged and supported Peter to the extent of insisting that Peter was included in all their bookings as support act for a short time.

After five years as a journeyman performer on the Southern folk circuit, sometimes accompanied on lead guitar by John Cawthra (now better known as John ‘Gypie’ Mayo of Dr. Feelgood fame), Peter answered an ad in the ‘Melody Maker’ which eventually led to being contracted to EMI and to recording at the legendary Abbey Road Studios. The music was never released and Peter retired from the music business, having already achieved all of his musical ambitions.

Shortly after these events, Peter moved to Robin Hood’s Bay in North Yorkshire, got married, had children, got divorced, moved to Middlesbrough and studied for a degree in Social Science whilst bringing up his two children as a single parent. Upon graduating Peter moved to Staithes on the North Yorkshire coast, re-married and had two more children.

It was in Staithes he met Mairead O’Donnell and Lorna Bird who encouraged him to re-assess his musical career. Mairead and Lorna went on to record two of Peter’s songs and he has subsequently recorded his own CD entitled Foolish Tears