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No artist in their right mind would call themselves unique these days. That’s why phrickler tends to describe his way to handle things as “unusual”. With countless hours spend at home digging for the perfect tracks for his sets his performances are always a display of his love and passion for the music and emotions he wants to transport.

There is no room for mediocrity. No room for anyone to get bored even one second. Every track should be able to speak and stand for itself, to create that perfect flow and to give the people on the dancefloor these precious moments, that you actually remember after a long night out.

Having started Djing in 2006 when he was still spinning Vinyl at Drum n Bass nights he soon discovered his true passion for Techno and continued to do what he does best. Observe the people and if he thought his prepared set was unfitting, sketch out a complete new one in mere minutes. Always playing what he thinks the night is lacking and always with the people dancing in mind.

Usually too preoccupied for anything else than dancing like he doesn’t even have to play tracks, he shows the people what so few do these days. That he actually enjoys what he’s doing and loves every track he plays.

If it’s either aggressive dark Techno or deep house far away from corny melodies and vocals, you notice that there is always something more to it than just music.

It’s true passion.