«Power Source» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Power Source are part of the Israeli trance and club scene with production releases and live sets since 1994. Power source formed in 1994 by Nati beat, Nati Mishali & Shahaf Shvarzman.

First tracks @ Trance mix for Hed-Arzi/Headroom1 were among the first Israeli electronic dance sounds on radio charts and at clubs. In 1996, Power Source signed with Phonokol Records and released 2 singles - [email protected] (Tsuyoshi Suzuki) & Granada @Transient Records.

The released Goa trance anthems were played by top DJ’s & featured on dozens of compilations worldwide thru the 1990’s.

Also, between 1994 -1997, Shahaf collaborated on production and gigs with Har-el Prusky on Trance nova x-press/X-perimental Goa & California Sunshine - Imperia.

In 1999 Nati Beat & Shahaf released Power Source album Cosmic Wave along with playing parties & festivals in Israel & Europe. The album featured fast & melodic tracks like Skywalker, Memory Bubbles and Vorlan.

Nati & Shahaf also released club trance hits such as Desert Moon (on Sony’s label DosOrDie ), Telescreen All engines and The Nomads - Holyland spirit which was released with remixes on Paul van Dyk label’s Vandit (2006)

Shahaf collaborated with artists such as E-jekt, Xerox & illumination, California Sunsine (DJ Miko) Double R.E.L and more.Shahaf is currently (2011) playing Power Source tracks on parties \ festivals & producing Power Source 220V EP - which brings you some of Power Source’s earlier tunes re-produced+new music and sounds.