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Promoe (Mårten Edh, born Nils Mårten Ed, 28 April 1976) is a Swedish rapper, and member of Swedish hip hop group Looptroop Rockers, formed in Västerås, Sweden, 1992. He released his fourth album in 2009 entitled Kråksången, and later the same year followed up with the mixtape Bondfångeri. Promoe has a background of graffiti-writing and many of his songs deal with graffiti.

Place in contemporary hip hop

With well over a quarter of a million accumulated plays on his page, he was the most listened-to Swedish hip hop artist in February 2007. Having hundreds of international gigs under his belt, he is one of the most established European hip hop artists.

Promoe released his third album in 2006, entitled White Man's Burden. This was followed with a DVD titled Standard Bearer, which includes a documentary about the development of White Man's Burden and a concert from Copenhagen.

In 2006 the German rapper Kool Savas released a diss track in which he slighted Promoe among other German and international artists. Promoe's response was the song "Sag Was" which he posted on premier German hip hop site , and was also released on a 7" LP and also on the CD of Standard Bearer in 2007. It has gone as yet without answer.

Promoe has been featured on many tracks with both Swedish and international artists. The song "These Walls Don't Lie", produced by DJ Large and mixed by Soundism, used a sample from Hugo Montenegro's "Classical Gas", which had already been known for its use in "Mama" by late New York based rapper Big Punisher.

In 2009, Promoe released his first album in Swedish called Kråksången. The first single, "Svennebanan", was a huge hit and received much airtime on several radio stations as well as 120,000 views after seven days on YouTube. "Svennebanan" reached #1 in the official Swedish singles chart. The song criticises Swedes by mockingly using the widely spread stereotype "Svennebanan". The highly sarcastic lyrics did not prevent it from gaining a widespread popularity, allegedly because of the song's Euro disco-beat, which was commented on in the song "Skäggig Vegan" (Bearded Vegan). Having the same beat as "Svennebanan", and having a title similarly pronounced, the lyrics are highly critical towards the reception of the former song:

Topping the charts in Denmark and Belgium, you think that's my driving force? Think again. It was serious criticism of a culture that makes us feel like crap.But you can choose to listen to the eurodisco loop so I can sell more singles"

—"Skäggig Vegan"

The original text: (in Swedish)

"Toppar listor i Danmark och Belgien, tror du att det är min drivkraft? Tänk igen. Det var seriös kritik av en kultur som får oss att må som skit. Men du kan välja att lyssna på eurodisco slingan så kan jag sälja fler singlar."

The second single off the album, "Mammas Gata", was released on September 11. He also released a mixtape called Bondfångeri in September.


  • Fuck A Record Deal EP 1996 With Akem and Looptroop.
  • Government Music (2001)
  • Long Distance Runner (2004)
  • White Man's Burden (2006)
  • Standard Bearer (2007) Documentary film and live show DVD plus a CD with rare Tracks.
  • Kråksången (2009)
  • Generation Kill (2009)
  • Lullabies to myself (2009)
  • Bondfångeri mixtape (Mixtape 2009)
  • Scimmie Metropolitane [oo Boo Vibration and Promoe]2010)

Personal life

Promoe also loves football. He′s a fan of IFK Göteborg.

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