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Psychic Ills are an experimental rock/psychedelic rock band from New York, USA.


Psychic Ills released their first full length album, Dins, in early 2006. The album's cover art is German Fluxus artist Wolf Vostell's painting Three Hairs and Shadow.

The Village Voice named Psychic Ills "Best Psych Rock Band" in their 2006 Best of NYC issue.

In early 2008, Psychic Ills performed in Marfa, Texas for the opening of the Hello Meth Lab in the Sun art installation and at the Contemporary Art Museum in Bordeaux, France for the IAO festival. In 2009 they released Mirror Eye and toured the US with Butthole Surfers. For 2011's Hazed Dream, the band moved to Sacred Bones Records and opted for a more streamlined, accessible approach.

In Spring 2013 the band released their fourth album One Track Mind and toured Europe afterwards.

Members of Psychic Ills have been involved in various other projects. Elizabeth Hart plays bass with Effi Briest and performs with the improvisational dance and music ensemble Skint. Tres Warren collaborates with visual artist Taketo Shimada as Messages and with Drew McDowall of Coil as Compound Eye. Former drummer Brian Tamborello participated in the Boredoms Boadrum projects and played drums on Mike Wexler's record Sun Wheel.



  • (2006) Dins, The Social Registry
  • (2009) Mirror Eye, The Social Registry
  • (2011) Hazed Dream, Sacred Bones Records
  • (2013) One Track Mind, Sacred Bones Records

Singles & EPs

  • (2003) Mental Violence I 7-Inch Single, Self Released
  • (2005) Mental Violence II: Diamond City 12-Inch EP, includes a remix by Sonic Boom The Social Registry
  • (2006) Early Violence CD compilation of hard-to-find singles The Social Registry
  • (2010) Astral Occurrence 12-Inch EP, The Spring Press
  • (2010) Catoptric 12-Inch EP, The Social Registry
  • (2010) Telesthetic Tape C40 Cassette, Skrot Up
  • (2010) FRKWYS VOL. 4: PSYCHIC ILLS 12-Inch Remix EP with remixes by Juan Atkins, Gibby Haynes of the Butthole Surfers and Hans-Joachim Irmler of Faust RVNG INTL.
  • (2011) Telesthetic Tape 12" (vinyl reissue of Telesthetic Tape Cassette) Skrot Up
  • (2012) Zoned/Take Me With You Split 7-Inch Single with Moon Duo Sacred Bones Records

Other appearances

  • (2013) "Run Rudolph Run" on Psych-Out Christmas (Cleopatra Records)


  • Village Voice February 21, 2009.
  • Identity Theory, November 24, 2008.
  • Stereogum October 2008.

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