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Quinn is a surname in the English language, that is derived from the Irish language with many parent relationships to variant spellings and with many child relationships to suspected origins. In many cases it means wise or knowledgeable.

With family movement and being disconnected from their kinsmen, migration often impacted the interpreted name as depicted through a phonetic spelling that would be based on the spoken, or Soundex variation associated with the dialect of the particular region where the name is found. In addition, the sociolect, or sociolinguistics are important factors for linguistics researchers that define this phenomenon as Onomastics.

Surname spellings in Ireland are used and defined for individuals with Irish surnames and can be validated within the Census in the United Kingdom. To gain a better understanding of how surnames are used and recorded in the United Kingdom it is important to consider all the varying factors associated with the patronymic conventions and etymology relating to the history of words. Review of a family name is another important factor when learning more about how a surname prefix, such as that of Fitz for surnames of Anglo-Norman origin and an O', Mc, or Mac for Irish names.

This sept is widely recognized in the native Irish annals from the earliest date when surnames began to be used. The general areas of Ireland this family held territory were in the provinces of Connacht, Ulster, Leinster, and Meath.

The last remaining Quinns in the Peerage of Ireland were descendants of Valentine Quin, 1st Earl of Dunraven and Mount-Earl. On 25 March 2011, Thady Wyndham-Quin, 7th Earl of Dunraven and Mount-Earl passed without a male heir and marked the end of the earlship.


The Quinn DNA Project is focused solely on those bearing the Quinn surname and all known variations of this famous Irish surname.


Art mac Cuinn is the progenitor of this famous surname. The name is derived from Irish Cuinn, specifically through Art mac Cuinn, the son of Conn. In Gaeilge the name represents priest, or chieftain with added emphasis on wisdom and loyalty. The surname rose simultaneously throughout Ireland as the descendants of Conn of the Hundred Battles known as Conn Cétchathach when Conn created the Connachta. Through Art mac Cuinn's 5th Great Grandson Niall Noígíallach, or Niall of the Nine Hostages the Uí Néill was formed and its dynastic reign began.

Cuinn septs Ireland

  • Clandeboye, Clann Aodha Buí of Cenél nEógain.
  • Cenél nEógain—descendants of Eógan mac Néill son of Niall Noígiallach—founded the kingdom of Tír Eoghain.
  • Uí Chathasaigh from An Bheitheach and Uí Aingle from Doire Uí Aingle.
  • Tir Eoghain Loughinsholin of the Cenél nEógain.
  • Tuadh Mumhan (Thomond), branch of Dál gCais seated at Barony of Inchiquin.
  • Anghaile Muintir Ghiollagain (Annaly), a branch of the Conmhaícne, displaced by the O'Fearghail.
  • Uí Chúáin of Ui Fiachrach. Transferred their allegiance to Mac Diarmada (MacDermott) of Moylurg.
  • Clann Fiachrach sept of Uí Fiachrach, chiefs of Siol Chearnadha.
  • Tir Amhalgaidh, Barony of Tirawley in County Mayo, Chiefs of Dun Fine, now Dunfeeny..
  • Laeghaire of Ballycong, Race of Laeghaire
  • Uí Néill descendants took the name Quinn descendants settled in Galway.
  • Siol Chearnadha
  • Clan Feargusa Fergus Cerrbél mac Conaill Cremthainne.

Cuinn clans Scotland

Siol Cuinn of the Gall-Gael and Caledonia

  • Clan Donald, Chieftan Macdonnell
  • Clan Dugall, Chieftan Macdougald
  • Clan Rory, Chieftan Macrory

Siol O'Cain of the Moray belonging to Kanteai

  • Clan Gillemhaol, Chieftan Macmillan
  • Clan Roich, Chieftan Monro

Historical figures

From the book Illustrations, Historical and Genealogical of King James’s Irish Army List (1689) written by John D’Alton, Esquire & Barrister of Dublin, Ireland in 1885 you are able to locate a list of important persons having bore the Quinn surname and its many variations. The book was initially published by the author and through private subscription in 1885. The printer was Mr. R. D. Webb of Great Brunswick Street in Dublin.

  • 1014 Neill O'Quin, Battle of Clontarf was martyred.
  • 1095 Augustin O'Quinn, Chief Brehon of Leinster, died of the Plague in 1095.
  • 1188 Edwina O'Quinn, Queen of Munster, died in a pilgrimage to Derry, County Londonderry, Northern Ireland.
  • 1252 Thomas O’Quinn, Bishop of Clonmacnoise, County Offaly, Leinster.
  • 1318 Thomas O'Cuin, of Castlemartin House and Estate, Kilcullen, County Kildare, Leinster was Pardoned in Patent Rolls.
  • 1395 Maolmurry O'Coigne, of Castlemartin House and Estate, Kilcullen, County Kildare, Leinster was Pardoned in Patent Rolls.
  • 1402 Thomas O'Coyne, Clerk, granted liberty to use the English Law and Language by King Henry IV .
  • 1404 David O'Coygne, Clerk, granted liberty to use the English Law and Language with additional liberty to acquire land in mortmain for religious use.
  • 1404 John O'Coygne, Clerk, granted liberty to use the English Law and Language with additional liberty to acquire land in mortmain for religious use.
  • 1505 John Quin of Limerick, Bishop of Clonmacnoise.
  • 1612 Murtogh O'Quinn, late of Dungannon, Confiscation of Ulster, Attained with the Earl of Tyrone as one of the Earl's confederates.
  • 1612 Teigue Modder O'Quinn, late of Dungannon, Confiscation of Ulster, Attained with the Earl of Tyrone as one of the Earl's confederates.
  • 1613 Walter Quinn, of Dublin, Poet and Tutor to Charles I of England, Preceptor to Henry Frederick, Prince of Wales and published his epitaph in two poems.
  • 1642 Richard Quinn, of Ballyhook, County Wicklow, or County Wexford Attained.
  • 1642 Laughlin Quinn, of Ballyhook, County Wicklow, or County Wexford Attained.
  • 1642 Edmund Quin, Clerk, of Ballenteskin, County Wicklow, or County Laois Attained.
  • 1642 Christopher Quinn, Merchant, St. Audoen's Church, Dublin (Church of Ireland), Dublin, County Dublin, Attained.
  • 1642 Christopher Quinn, Merchant, St. Michan's Church, Dublin, County Dublin, Attained.
  • 1652 Brien Modder O'Quinn, of Monagowre, County Tyrone, excepted from pardon for life and estate by Cromwell's Ordinance of 1652.
  • 1652 Turlogh Groom O'Quynne, of Monagowre, County Tyrone, excepted from pardon for life and estate by Cromwell's Ordinance of 1652.
  • 1652 John Quinn, of Limerick, Province of Munster, 1 of 24 condemned to death by General Henry Ireton at the capitulation of Limerick.
  • 1667–1668 Mark Quinn 1667-1668.
  • 1680 Thady Quinn, of County Clare, Provided Special Saving Rights by Dame Lucy Fitzmorrice and son Richard Fitzmorrice for grants of land.
  • 1691 Captain Thady Quinn, of Limerick, Attained, when County Limerick was forcibly vested in the Crown.
  • 1698–1699 Thomas Quinn 1698-1699.
  • 1752–1850 Valentine Richard Quin, Earl of Dunraven and Mount-Earl also under Valentine Richard Quin.
  • 1787–1870 2nd Marquess of Headfort the son of Thomas Taylour, 1st Marquess of Headfort and Mary née Quin.
  • 1794–1793 Lord George Quin 2nd Earl Spencer Married Lady Georgiana Charlotte Spencer (1794–1823) of the House of Spencer.

King James' Irish Army List

  • Daniel Quinn, Company quartermaster sergeant in Colonel Nicholas Purcell of Loughmoe's Dragoons
  • Robert Quinn, Company quartermaster sergeant in Thomas Dongan, 2nd Earl of Limerick Dragoons
  • Christopher Quin, Cornet, in Colonel Simon Luttrells Cavalry.
  • James “Quinn, Lieutenant, French Major-General Boisseleau's Infantry.
  • William Quinn of Dublin, Outlaw
  • Richard Quinn of Athy, Outlaw
  • Hugh Mc Turlogh O’Quin of Glunoe, County of Tyrone, Outlaw
  • Captain Thady Quinn of Adare Manor In the King James' Irish Army List, Page 332 by John D'Alton 1855.

List of people surnamed Quinn

  • Aidan Quinn, American actor
  • Alex Quinn, a British television reporter and presenter
  • Alexander James Quinn, Auxiliary Bishop of Cleveland
  • Alexandra Quinn, Canadian porn star
  • Anthony Quinn (1915–2001), Mexican-American actor
  • Anthony Tyler Quinn (born 1962), American actor
  • Bradley Quinn (born 1976), Northern Irish photographer
  • Brady Quinn, American football quarterback
  • Chris Quinn, American basketball player
  • Christine C. Quinn, Speaker of the New York City Council
  • Colin Quinn, American actor and comedian
  • Daniel Quinn (disambiguation), several people
  • D. Michael Quinn, Mormon historian
  • David Beers Quinn, Irish Historian, English Exploration Expert
  • Edmond Thomas Quinn, American sculptor
  • Edward Quinn, Irish photographer
  • Elmer F. Quinn (1895–1952), New York state senator
  • Emmett Quinn, Canadian ice hockey executive and businessman
  • Feargal Quinn, Irish senator and businessperson
  • Francesco Quinn, American actor
  • Freddy Quinn, Austrian singer and actor
  • Glenn Quinn, Irish actor
  • Graham Quinn (disambiguation), several people
  • Helen Quinn, physicist
  • James Quinn (disambiguation), several people named James, Jim and Jimmy
  • John Quinn (disambiguation), several people named Jack and John
  • Jonathan Quinn (born 1975), American football quarterback
  • Jonny Quinn, drummer for Snow Patrol
  • Julie Quinn, American politician
  • Kellin Quinn, American singer
  • Kimberly Quinn, American journalist
  • Lawrie Quinn, UK politician
  • Lochlann Quinn, Irish businessman and philanthropist
  • Lonnie Quinn, lead weather anchor on WCBS-TV in New York City
  • Lorenzo Quinn, Artist and sculptor and son of actor Anthony Quinn
  • Marc Quinn, English artist
  • Martha Quinn, MTV VJ
  • Molly C. Quinn, American Actress
  • Michael Quinn (disambiguation), several people named Michael, Mick, Micky and Mike
  • Micky Quinn, English footballer
  • Nesanel Quinn, principal of Yeshiva Torah Vodaas
  • Neville Quinn, South African cricketer
  • Niall Quinn, Irish footballer
  • Padraig Quinn, former Irish Republican Army officer
  • Paddy Quinn (disambiguation), several people
  • Pat Quinn (disambiguation), several people
  • Paul Quinn (disambiguation), several people
  • Percy Quinn, Canadian athlete, businessman, ice hockey executive and Toronto politician
  • Rob Quinn, an Irish footballer
  • Robert Quinn (disambiguation), several people named Bob, Rob and Robert
  • Ruairi Quinn, Irish politician
  • Sally Quinn, American journalist and author
  • Sean Francis Quinn, Anti-Treaty IRA officer
  • Susan Quinn, American non-fiction writer
  • T. Vincent Quinn (1903–1982), US congressman from New York
  • Terrance Quinn, better known under his stage name Terry O'Quinn, American actor
  • Thomas Quinn (disambiguation), several people
  • Wayne Quinn, English footballer
  • William Quinn (disambiguation), several people

Given names

  • Quinn Allman, American musician
  • Quinn Buckner, American former basketball player
  • Quinn Cummings, child actress
  • Quinn Martin, television producer
  • Quinn Norton, journalist, photographer and blogger


  • Daniel Quinn (City of Glass), the main character in Paul Auster's City of Glass, the first of three novels in The New York Trilogy
  • Doctor Quentin Q. Quinn, a character on Sealab 2021
  • Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, character on American television series of the same name
  • Nathan Quinn, the main character of Christopher Moore's novel Fluke, or, I Know Why the Winged Whale Sings
  • Eamon Quinn, a character in the second season of The Riches
  • Harley Quinn, a supervillainess in Batman: The Animated Series
  • John Quinn, a weretiger in The Southern Vampire Mysteries (Sookie Stackhouse series) by Charlaine Harris
  • John Quinn "Quinn", a character from The Chosen, a book from the Night World series by L.J. Smith
  • Jonas Quinn, a character in the sci-fi series Stargate SG-1
  • Tom Quinn (Spooks), the lead character in the British spy-thriller series Spooks
  • Jude Quinn, one of six characters portraying Bob Dylan in "I'm Not There"
  • Quinn, a fictional character on the American Daytime Soap Opera "Days of Our Lives"
  • Joey Quinn, a character (police detective) on Dexter
Given names
  • Quinn (Prison Break character), a character on the U.S. television series Prison Break
  • Quinn Fabray, a character from Glee
  • Quinn Mallory, a character on Sliders
  • Quinn Morgendorffer, a character on the TV show Daria
  • Quinn Pensky, a character on the Nickelodeon live-action sitcom Zoey 101
  • Quinn the Eskimo, Eskimo character in the song The Mighty Quinn
  • Quinn James, character on One Tree Hill
  • Quinn Garvey, character on How I Met Your Mother
  • Quinn, Demacia's Wings, a playable champion character in the action real-time strategy video game League of Legends
  • Tarquin Blackwood ("Quinn" Blackwood), a character in The Vampire Chronicles series by Anne Rice