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Разнотравїє (is also tagged as Разнотравие or Разнотравіе, but Разнотравїє is used by the band on their “Каторга” album cover) is a folk-rock band from Rybinsk, Russia.

The band was founded in 1996 by Vyacheslav Kamenkov (Vorot) and Valery Ershov (Valda). They were later joined by Michael Posadsky (Fish), Paul Davydovich (Terrible), Vladimir Poturaj, Alexander Shushkov (Schultz), and Alexey Pikunov (Silent). It specialises in acoustic folk-rock on Slavic themes. In the Autumn of 1997 they recorded their first album, Seven.

In 2000 they recorded their second album, Каторга. Then in 2001 came a joint project with Митя Кузнецов.

Michael Posadsky — vocals, pipes, варган

Vyacheslav Kamenkov — guitar, vocals

Valery Ershov — bass guitar, vocals

Paul Davydovich — drums, vocals, pipes

Vladimir Poturaj — варган, vocals, psaltery