«Red Asphalt» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

1. Red Asphalt formed in San Francisco ‘78, taking their name from an educational video that teenagers had to watch in DMV class back in the ’70s and ’80s (the documentary itself is surprisingly boring and tame).

They played the SF punk circuit, including gigs at the Deaf Club, the Sound Of Music, and probably The Mab too. Their sole release, one 4-song EP consisting of Krautrock-inspired manic synth punk, felching high prices in specialty record shops everywhere. Red Asphalt tracks can be found on such compilation CD’s as GTA Records’ “High Road To Obscurity” and on an installment or two of H2D Records’ “Homework” series.

In 2008 the band self-released a CD consisting of recordings that coulda been, shoulda been their LP that got recorded 25+ years ago but never came out. Today most of the band’s members still live in SF and are involved with music, save for backup vocalist Megan Mitchell, who now lives in her native Hawaii.

2. Noise rock three-piece from Orange County