«Reigani» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

The band was formed at the end of 1993 in Tallinn, Estonia. All members were from Latvia, but they lived in Estonia. Groups formers are Otomars Štubis and Petrs Kalnbērzs. There were only 3 members (Štubis, Kalnbērzs and Ozoliņš), who often played in students’ parties. Alcohol was used in big quantities just for fun and random popular stars were played out on stage. The image kept changing and after all the band was taking the floor in Reagans masks (US 40th president Ronald Wilson Reagan) with bands name “Iekod Reiganam Pakaļā” (Bite Reagan’s ass). Quite soon the band earned big popularity in Estonian students auditory. After half a year Akupers and Svensons joined the band. They brought melody and charm in their songs, adding accordion. Sometimes Ozoliņš made trouble. Ozoliņš, reasons knowing only himself, radically hated Estionians, was the causer of mass fights in their concerts. The tour in Estonia was cancelled after first unlucky concert in Kaunas, in students days. Because of the fights, Ozoliņš was outcasted (kicked out) from Estonia.

Reigani has three studio albums -

“Tās figūriņas ir tās aitas un tās govis ir no Reigana vaska” (Those figures are the sheeps and those cows are from Reagan’s wax) 1998

“Nospied sarkano podziņu” (Press The Red Button) 2001

‘’Valpurģu Nakts’’ 2010