«Rialzu» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

One of the great rarities in the prog world finally sees the light of day on CD. Rialzu was a short lived band from the isle of Corsica, off the coast of France. This one and done band recorded this album in 1978 and it was only released in Corsica. Now you can understand why an original copy fetches over $1,000. The album consists of two long tracks and one short one. The music has a very dark quality that has a distinct zeuhl feel fused with Corsican folk and progressive rock influences. Instrumentation consists of keys, violin, guitar, bass, drums and chanting vocals. The lead vocals of Christophe Mac Daniel are sung in his native tongue which sounds more Italian than French. This is the type of band that would have recorded on a label like Crypto. If you dig bands like Metabolisme, Magma, and Potemkine you can find a lot to sink your teeth into here. The CD is enhanced with 2 live bonus tracks and a brief video clip. There is even nice liner notes and photos. All in all a well executed reissue from Soleil Zeuhl that is essential for any fan of French progressive music.