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Electroacoustic. That’s the word that best describes Jerusalem-based Sasha Raskin’s sound, a seamless blend of classical instruments and electronic noise. Raskin, a multi-instrumentalist and composer, began writing music at 13 in his high school’s music lab.

He quickly enrolled in the school’s electronic music course, experimenting with different bleeps and bits, a sound which quickly grew tiresome to some of the faculty.

“Those highly educated folks frequently visited in order to ask me in not a very classical manner to turn the volume down,” Sasha says. “Soon enough I understood why it disturbed them so much…it was the lack of musical reason and the absence of tension and solution. No melody or harmony were to be found, only very raw bleeps of matter.”

Raskin got the picture, incorporating harmony, melody, vocals and organic instruments like bass, piano and guitar into the mix. Playing with different bands and interacting with musicians also gave him a new perspective on music. And the results are an adrenaline shot of sonic magic sure to give audiophiles their fix.

For Raskin, it’s all about giving to others what music has given him.

“Music saved my life. Whether if you’re a musician or not, I guess that in some part it did the same for you.”

- Kevin Clarkston