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Schwarz Stein is a Japanese electronic project founded by Kaya (vocals) and Hora (keyboard & synth). Following a 10 year split, the band have reunited. Formed as Rudolf Steiner in 2001 in Japan. Signed with former MALICE MIZER’s Mana label, Midi:Nette, and became Schwarz Stein (Black Stone in broken german) in 2002. 2 Feb 2004, two weeks before the release of Artificial Hallucination, they announced their split-up. At ‘Midi:Nette presents Dis Inferno vol. III’, 15 Dec 2004, Schwarz Stein performed once more along with Moi dix Mois. Following the dissolution of the duo, each member pursued solo projects, though they collaborated with each other often and held several revival gigs between 2011 and 2013. In March 2014 both Kaya & Hora confirmed that the band would resume activities on a permanent basis. Hora is currently self producing his own music. He launched his solo career in 2005. The two former members of Schwarz Stein recently reformed under the name another cell as a session band in 2006 to release a self-titled album, Another Cell, which was released in limited press in April 2006.Kaya launched his solo career on 2006 with the release of his first single, kaleidoscope with Kalm, ex Velvet Eden, providing the music. Schwarz Stein reformed in 2011 to release the ‘Recurrence of Hallucination’ mini CD July 20th and to play a 10 year anniversary show with the same name on July 31st 2011. Another one off show was announced for 2012. They revived again in March of 2014, rather unexpectedly, and announced the release of a new single “GEBET.” Additionally, Kaya announced that he was also going to be in a new band named FEMME FATALE. Discography as Rudolf Steiner Queen of Decadence (1 June 2001) demo Perfect Garden (12 Nov, 2001) demo as Schwarz Stein Perfect Garden (31 July, 2002) single New vogue children (30 Jun, 2003) album Current (18 Nov, 2003) single Artificial Hallucination (25 Feb, 2004) album Recurrence of Hallucination (20 Jul, 2011) mini-album Recurrence of Hallucination -Live- DVD GEBET (26 March 2014) as another cell Another Cell (1 April, 2006) album Current member sites:Kaya RoseHora - GOD SYNTHESIS Old official site: http://midi-nette.com/midinette/ss/