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Dissatisfied with earlier attempts to break into the Sydney rock scene- five friends banded together to create a project that presented a serious alternative to the more generic “genre” bands prevalent in 2002. The vision was to manufacture a professional outfit that prided itself on musical ability and a highly polished stage performance- one that would submerge the listener into a new world of thought.

As each member brought with them a wealth of musical experience & history, it was decided the main focus of the project was to bring into reality a concept that was melodic, unbound by the norm and above all: heavy.

SHADOWMILL was born.

Using a blend of genres & influences ranging from metal, eastern and classical composition, SHADOWMILL began the long journey to generate a musical style treading a path bathed in both the lighter side of rock and the darker elements of the dreaming/subconscious mind.

Unbound by conventional musical ideals, SHADOWMILL sculpt a massive soundscape using everything at their disposal; No instrument is taboo, no subject is beyond lyrical discussion. Shaped by soaring vocals, countered by grating electronica and set against the low end of 7 string guitars, SHADOWMILL is driven by the desire to excel and become a band for those wishing to experience music on an alternate level.

The SHADOWMILL journey has not always stepped the path of the straight and narrow; several line up changes took place after releasing a self produced EP “The Macabre Theorem” (2003) - with the resulting personnel shuffle refining the intellectual and musical focus of the band. SHADOWMILL became a 4 piece and spent time cultivating their craft through live stage performance playing extensively with such bands as New Project, Tourettes, Anxiety Whispers, Switchblade, The Numinus and Anjeliina before returning to the studio in 2008 to begin the massive task of consolidating 5 years of material for a new album.

The end result of their 2 year endeavour has produced “Dichotomy of Betrayal”, SHADOWMILL’s debut full length album that delves into the uglier side of the dark that hides in us all. Released in October 2010 and supported by a full East Coast Tour, SHADOWMILL are here to bring both sides of the human condition from the shadow into the light for all to see…