«Shahab Tiam» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

From a very early age, Shahab was interested in music and musical instruments. At age 12, he had his first solo performance at the school Cur. It could be said that it was then that a glimpse into his potential was noticed when he won second place in soloing in an ensuing citywide competition of schools. A few years later at age 17, Shahab decided to move to the US in pursuit of developing his musical career. Seeing America as fertile grounds for an aspiring musician, he journeyed to Turkey to apply entrance into the US. While in Turkey, Shahab was introduced to the kit drums. Inspired by this and many other experiences and emotions, Shahab found himself occupying most of his times writing songs.

A short while later at age 18, Shahab finally gained admittance into the US, taking up residency in Phoenix Arizona. First on the agenda was to finish up his education and to develop the host language of the nation. He quickly befriended some local musicians and began to work on and develop his unique Iranian style. Among these musicians were Reza G (DJ Tapesh), Basim Mozaffari and Reza Tolu. Shahab’s first US project “Tapesh” was born a short while later. The band started to perform at local events in Arizona.

Shahab, now 20 years old, decided to move to the heart of the Western Iranian music industry, California. Upon his arrival in San Diego, he again focused on his educational goals and networking with local Iranian musicians. He began to work with the great Kian Hejazi, and Farzad Emtesali. The band “Shadows” was born. Things started to happen and Shahab’s early signs of a music career started to manifest. He was introduced to a well known Persian singer and very talented musician named Shahyad. He had a good feeling about Shahab’s talents and offered Shahab an opportunity to participate in a Shahyad concert that was coming up. Shahyad was so impressed with the manner and quality of Shahab’s performance that the decision was made by the two for Shahyad to become Shahab’s new primary producer and composer.